My name is Jenny Wadsworth and I am an adventurer. A lover of life.

My adventures take me as far within myself as they take me out into the wilderness.

I seek the challenge of opening my mind to new ways of thinking, wandering the world exploring different ways of living and being and wondering what I might discover beyond the next ridge-line or beyond my own ego.

I am passionate about yoga, dance, hiking, traveling, writing, poetry and more…

This is my place for telling stories, capturing memories, exploring new ideas and reflecting.

All grand plans must start with a single step. The first step is starting this site; starting to write in the online environment; learning how to be me and have the impact I want to have in cyberspace.

I’m an avid under-the bed-covers diary writer and work requires substantial amounts of writing too, but cyberspace feels extremely foreign. Compared to my parents, I’m technologically savvy. However, compared to many of the awesome folk I wish to communicate with, I’m still rather technologically challenged. So this is a learning process.

 Here’s to learning; and being able to laugh at yourself; and dancing (anywhere… everywhere…)


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