Adventures Ahead

Sat 8th June – fly Brisbane to Sydney and spend the evening with Loren and Sally in the Opera House watching my FAVOURITE dance company Bangarra perform their new work

Sunday 9th June – fly to Guatemala to meet the lovely Ella Lawton for the next 3 weeks of travels

Tuesday 2nd July – fly from Mexico to London from where I visit A LOT of beautiful people throughout July

Monday 29 July – fly from London to Japan for 3 weeks of visiting Brooke, sightseeing and conferencing (IGU Regional Conference in Kyoto ‘Traditional Wisdom and Modern Knowledge’)  

Friday 16 August – fly from Japan to Brisbane

Friday 23 August – fly from Brisbane to Auckland to see my beautiful family

Monday 2nd September – fly from Auckland to Buenos Aires for 2-3 months of tango Love St Milongaand spanish and more awesome adventures…

… and who knows when and where to from there…


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