I didn’t intend for this to be a silent 6 months on the blog front. Aside from Patagonia, it has been everything but silent!

When I first told everyone that you would be hearing from me through wadsie.com, I wasn’t aware that this travel adventure was also going to have a relationship adventure added to the experience. An added bonus for me :) but not so helpful for finding (and prioritising) blog-writing time! I am certainly not complaining… No amount of unbrushed hair, week-long hiking smells, unlady-like behaviour or indecisiveness has deterred the beautiful man who has been in the seat beside me on every single long distance bus ride in the last 5 months. So it seems he might be sticking around :)

We are currently on an overnight bus back to Buenos Aires to fly home for some time with family and friends and to contemplate the next part of the adventure. As we come to the end, I will take my blog back to beginning.

In September 2013 I fulfilled my long term dream of spending a month in Buenos Aires learning tango and spanish and trying to make sense of the crazy city on my own.

Outdoor tango at the 'La Glorietta' milonga in Buenos Aires :)

Outdoor tango at the ‘La Glorietta’ milonga in Buenos Aires :)

In October, Todd arrived and after another 2 weeks in BA, we began to explore Argentina – to the east (Santa Fe province, Iguazu Falls, Misiones province), in the center (Cordoba, Mina Clavero) to the west (Mendoza and even up into La Rioja province), and then down into Patagonia (Peninsula Valdes, a 36 hour bus ride to Ushuaia, and back up the infamous Ruta 40).

Towards the end of November we deviated into Chile to hike the epically beautiful Torres del Paine with a friend but then continued the Argentinian Ruta 40 into the Lakes District for Christmas.










In late December we crossed into Chile again and made our way from the south to the north of this stretched country balancing the necessary travel time with fewer but longer stops along the way (Puerto Varas, Pucon, Bahia Mansa, Malalcahuello, Santiago, Valparaiso, Elqui Valley, San Pedro de Atacama, Arica).

In late January we crossed into Bolivia which promptly slapped us in the face with our own lack of research…despite being adjacent to Chilean and Argentinian deserts, summer is rainy season in Bolivia! We persisted with as much as we could around La Paz, followed it up with a week of doing nothing jn Cochabamba, and then moved further south to enjoy everything that Sucre, Tupiza and the Uyuni salt flats had to offer between rain bursts.

In late February we crossed back into northern Argentina (Jujuy, Salta and Tucuman provinces) to finish it properly and now here we are heading home!

Somewhere along the way, we dropped Peru off the itinerary and decided that anything further north in this massive continent will have to happen in another trip.

Somewhere along the way I also got tired… tired of continuous unpacking and re-packing, tired of constantly planning our next move and homesick for my family and friends. For now, its time for a break.

I will endeavour to write a post about each of the three magnificent countries we have explored over the last 6 months. Thank you Argentina, Chile and Bolivia – it has been epic!

Jumping for joy in the sunset at the Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia (largest salt flat in the world) - it seems there are some benefits to the rainy season after all... a wet and  stunningly reflective salt flat!

Jumping for joy in the sunset at the Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia (largest salt flat in the world) – it seems there are some benefits to the rainy season after all… a wet and stunningly reflective salt flat!

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