Would you BELIZE it?

From Guatemala’s waterfalls, limestone bridges and caves at Semuc Champay and the ancient Mayan ruins of Tulum, we headed straight to Caye Caulker (one of Belize’s many islands amid the second largest reef in the world, after the Great Barrier Reef). A completely unplanned stop but I’m really glad we ended up there for a few days.

Caye Caulker - the main street

Caye Caulker – the main street

We were travelling with a couple of American friends who managed to score an old beachfront shack (cabana) and we all promptly invested in 7 large lobsters straight off the neighbour’s boat (for USD25 – oh so happy). We had no idea that our timing was perfect for the Belize Lobster Festival… pure luck!! We spent the next couple of days experimenting with different ways of flavouring, cooking and devouring lobster, snorkelling trips out to the reef and enjoying the Caribbean-style night life (reggae grooving til the wee hours!)

Michelle getting intimate with the lobster!

Michelle getting intimate with the lobster!

Cabana fun

Cabana fun

Thunderstorms are another particularly dramatic feature of Belize at this time of year – one minute it can be stinking hot and sunny and then it is rapidly followed by an hour of pouring rain. When you combine pouring rain, hot temperatures that make raincoats (and even sunscreen) unbearable and the tropical wood / thatch style of construction on most buildings, you quickly realize that there is no escaping the weather! It rains just as much inside as it does on the outside. And whether due to rain or pleasure activities (swimming, sailing, snorkelling etc), whatever you wear gets wet… you just gotta get over it.

Drenched but the day must go on...

Drenched but the day must go on…

Belize is such a small country but there is plenty to explore and it has a fascinating mix of cultures: several different groups of indigenous peoples, the Spanish colonial history, African Caribbean / Creole influence, waves of Asian immigration and a range of other visitors that have chosen to settle into / ‘got stuck in’ the laid back lifestyle on offer. Rasta-influenced pick-up lines and friendly compliments seem to be a normal part of walking down the street here :) Hey, its always nice to be told you’re looking very beautiful today… “sweet honey pie” :)

Both Ella and I also got told to ‘slow down’ numerous times! As I write this, a week later, I think we’ve finally mastered the slow stroll!!! Hmmm, perhaps that crazy little thing called relaxation is happening.


Poor quality picture but a beautiful Manatee nonetheless!

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2 thoughts on “Would you BELIZE it?

  1. Todd

    Wow Jen, that looks unBelizeable (sorry I had to continue with the awesome pun). So this draws your Central America trip to a close…. for now….. Maybe there are a few spots to revisit and a whole heap of other things you haven’t seen up there. It certainly looks like somewhere to revisit and experience with a new travel buddy…… :-)

  2. wadsies

    Loving your posts & photos. Lobsters for dinner wow.. mouth watering stuff!! The underwater shots amazing – glad you’re fitting so much in especially in the heat and rain. We’re enjoying the moments with you c/- your blog so when you’re able keep up the great work. Hope you can hold on to your new relaxed pace and travellers mind-set in the UK as your itinerary is looking very social and active. Give our love to one and all and most important – have lots of fun.
    Heaps of love from all the family
    B&S xxxx


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